Robust Lab Premium Whey Protein 2 KG


Brand: Robust Lab
Number of servings: 50
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (40g)
Protein: 26g
Flavour: Choco Caremal, Mango

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A whey protein concentrate WPI, the most universal protein in terms of the time of application and duration of absorption. It needs a slightly longer time for its absolute digestion which is 2-3 hours and a slightly longer time to start the digestion process which is about 30 minutes after consumption. It is the basic building material for your muscles which protects the anabolic processes in your bodyA whey protein isolate WPI, that is a whey protein fraction subjected to micro and ultrafiltration, which allows for obtaining the highest degree of protein concentration in a product (over 90%). It has the highest content of branched-chain amino-acids BCAA which is not less than 25 g per 100 g! Moreover, it does not contain any carbohydrates and fats. Combined with Optipep®, it influences the enhanced insulin response of human body after its consumption. Whey isolate, just like whey hydrolysate is a fraction which should be consumed right after waking up or immediately after the workout due to its rapid absorbability. Both fractions, WPI and WPH complement each other where the time of absorption and the whey aminogram of the highest bioavailability are of the basic importance. Due to the quick absorbability of WPI and its insulin secretion stimulating effect, the whey isolate can transform in the body into glycogen lost during a heavy workout, this reaction can take place especially when there is a deficit of carbohydrates..

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